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Common Signs Of Chimney Damage!

Many people don’t know this but even if your chimney looks fine from the outside you could have some severe damage going on. Some examples include moisture getting inside of your chimney. This will wear down the bricks and cause rust, which will lead to cracked flue tiles.

Flue tiles must be in good condition or else your chimney can’t properly regulate heat. Another sign of moisture damage is if the paint or wallpaper near the chimney appears damaged. Chunks of masonry falling from the chimney are an indicator of spalling bricks.

This occurs when water gets in  masonry and expands and contracts with the freezing and thawing. If this is not fixed, it could possibly result in your entire chimney falling apart. Cracked chimney crown or chimney flue caps, both of which work as the first line of defense to keep out water.

These are all severe signs of damage that can appear subtle but deadly when exposed to the human eye. There are certain things that can be spotted such as rust, shaling, spalling, and damaged wallpaper.

We believe that if your not an expert to make sure to call us and have a licensed professional come in to check out the situation and help you out.

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